This blog is my universe, my universe belongs to me. The human mind can create entire universes, the reason is because, the human imagination is unlimited. The universe itself is vast as far as we know it could be infinite. The mind is vast, most of us choose not to see the true extent of the mind, but some of us are born seeing. It takes many years to realise that, in order to really see everything, you must first realise, that you are blind to everything and it is this blindness that has been hidden from us. This universe has no place for religion or worship, I may chose to talk about God or gods and goddesses, I may talk about spiritual beings, Aliens, Wizards, elves and unexplainable beings and death, but as I am pointing out this, this is my universe! In my universe there is my physics, this universe has its own laws of physics, those my be similar to the real universe. Those laws are quantum and classical and there are laws beyond these rules. If you feel offended or scared or whatever, then you should leave this place and never return! There are subject that are hard to discuss, not only for me but for society as a whole. Nobody knows where we are or what existence is all about, we are just born here, given law, rules, morals and are taught how we should see the world! The problem is I see very different world to the one in which, we are supposed see. I see my universe and this is my universe and it belongs to me!

This universe is protected under the copyright laws of the UK and other countries throughout the world and in all universes inculding multi verses and real and unreal. Country of first publication: UK. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this universe or any part thereof (including my soul) may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution and accidental death. The story, all names, characters, black holes, stars, all holographic images and incidents portrayed in this universe are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Warning! The misuse of my images could result in your accidental death, the holographical images used can affect the real world and your mind. They should never be printed off or displayed, doing so will put you at risk of  psychosis and could result in your accidental
death. This rule is strict, it must be adhered too. This is for the safety of yourself and people you know. 

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