Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Four Wizards

The first wizard has hyper intelligence, she is a feline being.
All the world climbs upon her back

The second wizard walks through bulk
The stars and through the darkness
Entire universes fall around him.
Supermassive black holes, with all their mass, fall like rain drops from a sky.
Absorbing magic, Capturing without noticing, just illuminating his book.

The third wizard, just sleeps peacefully.
Never even stirs.
A sleeping wizard, must never be woken!

The forth wizard, upon the Earth
Holds the solar system within its bubble.
The forth wizard holds everything, within his mind.
Protecting all, from himself.
No computer can hold the forth wizard!
Nothing but his mind, can contain all there is!
Even super strings. One after the other, twisted, curled, wrapped into the tiniest of spaces.
One ball of strings, amongst hundreds of balls of strings, amongst trillions of balls of strings.
The wizard holds infinite singularities.
The wizard mind contains all consciousness that exists, and there are infinite consciousness.
Each consciousness, infinite on its own. 
The wizard is also nothing at all.

The vastness of the wizards mind is beyond comprehension, the wizards mind is impossible to understand in its entirety. It is infinite, it has no floor!
Only the wizard, can be the wizard mind.