Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Lantern

The Lantern

I have come to the conclusion that "The Lantern" is not an alien consciousness, nor is it a an alien super weapon.
It's also not a singularity, although it could be a harsh awaking for us. 
Looking at my picture, this object is quite possibility our natural creator. Of course the idea of looking at a picture, I have created and coming up with this conclusion is rather bizarre. Although it's not beyond the scope of science. Just because maths and the current way we do science, comes up with truths, it does not mean there is not another language that a easier for observation. Although this type of observation is, so far away from the ideas, we have about the world around us, that it's almost impossible for us to observe in this way. Using the mind in this way, will make you feel very unwell, as it is firewalled.
Quantum firewalls of this nature are ether alien or science has been telling us lies about how advanced we really are. If the latter is the case then, it's disgusting what has been going on. If it's alien then, they now know we are here and we should be very afraid! Don't think because an alien race, has reached the ability to travel across vast distances and use consciousness, in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. That somehow they will be friendly to us. They will have see trillions upon trillions of their own peolpe die, on multiple worlds, in multiple systems. Some would have destroyed themselves, others would have been killed by supernova and black holes and in ways we could not even imagine. Many will be hardened to death and may no longer see killing a few billion apes as nothing more than, us killing bacteria.

I have come to the conclusion that "The Lantern" is a red dwarf star, or in this case was a red dwarf star. The reason behind this is to do with chance and observations. "The Lantern" itself is a real lantern which I bought and took a photo of. This may sound alien to everyone but, the lantern I bought has at some point painted brown, but its original colour used to be red. How I got to this conclusion of a lantern representing a star, started back in the year 2002. It simply started with me creating a picture of a lady stood on a lamp. That picture came from a picture of a ghost of the whale. These pictures were not just randomly created. They were created from observations in consciousness. Which for the moment I will not go into due to our misunderstanding of our connections to the universe itself.
The lantern that I own is know as an hurricane lantern or a storm lantern. The interesting thing about a storm lantern is that, if you look at one you can see that it's is a almost perfect description of a star! It is perfect description,without words, of the atom! Not just any atom though, it's a certain type of atom. Strangely enough it's the type of atoms that are, most abundant in the atmosphere of stars and other atoms purely from stars except lithium. Ether that's a strange coincidence or it's been done on purpose! Now why would that happen? Of course, if you own one, you will realise that, the reason it looks like it does, is because it's the best possible solution, to create such a thing. It shows a 2 electron atom and how thermodynamic work. Check out this link.
I could look at this and with other strange going's on and conclude that all this is down to time travel or the weirdness of quantum physics. But just recently, I have changed my mind. I am putting this down to relativity and exceptional time keeping. This I will have to think about more before writing about it.
Most star systems in the universe are binary star systems. The most common star in our galaxy's is a red dwarf star. 
Our solar system bobs up and down in our galaxy passing through the central disk of the galactic plane. As the solar system passes through this plane it coincides with mass extinctions on the Earth. It has even been claimed that, dark matter it's self, is responsible. There are also two other possibilities, one is a red dwarf call nemesis the other is planet X. All these theories are just different views of the same theme. Which is an comet or a giant rock is dislodged from the Oort cloud, which then wiped out the most dominat life forms on Earth, by dominant I mean at the top I the food chain.

My conclusion is that all of the above is true. That all of those theories are related. Not only are the related, they are also responsible for life on Earth.

We need to go right back to when our solar system was forming to understand what is happening. It's very likely that our solar system, like most others had formed two stars. Each one orbiting the other. These two stars had planets, in orbits around them. 
The orbit of these stars meant that our star bobbed up and down through the galactic plane around a central point of gravity. 
As the red dwarf star reach the central plane of our galaxy something catastrophic happened. I am hedging my bets here, but I am guessing a gas giant, maybe Saturn, which was orbiting our star collided with the red dwarf, causing it to collapse into the central plane of our galaxy. The dark matter contained on the galactic plane caused it to lose complete angular momentum through time. Saturn survives the encounter but ends up with its unique ring system.
Our star then continues to orbit it's dark companion. This star although still there, gravitationally is no longer there as a real object. 
Now here is the interesting bit, it is very likely that we now have gained another planet which was from the red dwarf that collapsed. Which most probably is, another gas giant, which also explains the migration of planets in our solar system. It could the rocky planets were in orbit around the red dwarf and the gas giants were in orbit around Sol, explaining why our solar system is backwards. Which in turn effects our orbit around the dark companion. This now causes our solar system to pass through the dark companion. I don't mean it skirts the Oort cloud, I mean it actually passes through it like a comet but on a vastly different time scale.
This dark object not only passes through our solar system it actually passes through the Earths orbit. In fact it's likely the whole solar system passes through the two dimensional collapsed disk of the red dwarf star. It is also likely the heavy material from the star has gravitated toward the centre of The disk. This would create a very heavy dense object, that would still have the gravitational strength of the whole star.
The effects of this creates not only the Earth, but the Moon and all life on Earth. 
There is a big cost to all of this though. It's to do with the collapse of the star through time, onto the two dimensional plane of the galaxy. Its acceleration causes it break apart, this breaking apart is backwards to us. 
Thus we can now see its two dimensional effects as we pass through the plane. There is also a possibility that the iron and heavy metals are still there, but travelling at an incredible speed relative to us. 
I believe this to be about 72,000 mph, as this object heads towards us it will be almost impossible to see.Other than it's imaginary effects through time. How I got to this conclusion of speed is from observations through time.
I believe this object will hit the Earth, simply because it creates us from the top down. Although this happened in the past. As we work out what created the Earth and planets using Quantum computers, we are effectively playing quantum chess with docherherence.
The result will be, when all other oucomes are dismissed, the only outcome left is the only outcome that's possible and it does not matter how bizarre that is. If it is correct, it will happen.
 The other conclusion to this is the Earth is the red dwarf star that collapsed and the gravitational shadow, still exists on the galactic plane.

Update 24/02/2017 0800

Lithium is now also said to be created by stars. Link here -the-cosmic-explosions-that-made-the-universe

Seven Rocky planets have been discovered around a Red Dwarf Star.
Link here nasa-telescope-reveals-largest-batch-of-earth-size-habitable-zone-planets

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