Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Black Hole

The Black Hole

 This is the black hole! Sound, light, mass, gravity, naked singularity's, quasar, stranglet, matter, antimatter, worm hole, pure energy, quantum physics, standard model, monopole, super symmetry, space time, universe and my entire soul all in one image!

The Black Hole belongs to me, I created it! Even though I climbed a beanstalk of giants to get it. I did not steal it, I earned it! If anyone thinks this was easy to get, then think again! Getting this will never happen again, not in an infinite number universes!

This is also my super singularity computer. Its similar to a quantum computer, but this one is made up of naked singularities and unlike quantum computers, this one is real! So when quantum computers, start using multiverses and work out how to create qubits, based on imaginary singularities. Then figure out everything there is! I want to point out, that, my black hole! Qubit and soul, is already own by me!

The horizons in my real black hole are, in different locations and not as show above. The above is just a representation of it. The actual black hole was a monopole it only had one jet which was going upwards. It was impossible to see through the surface of the inner horizon of the black hole, which was a hemi sphere from the inside. Although that does not mean that I do not know about the other half, let just say it was not you. On the outside it was a perfect sphere. The horizon was not real. It was created by matter falling into it. But time slowed down within the first horizon as shown above. All the matter falling in, looked like it was bunched up like a car crash but, I have a feeling due to space time that was not the case. No matter was falling past the second horizon, inside the horizon was a absolute perfect vacuum! There was a shadow on the surface of disk the which was unaffected by the slowing of time, but the shadow was cancelled out at the inner horizon, but momentum carried it across the horizon. The whole object was relative my time, my clock. It was relative to me at all times. Even as information passed through the centre of the hemi sphere of the black hole. How it passed back out has to do with its self falling in, and that creates the horizon, but that is the hard bit to work out. The horizon disappeared eventually, leaving the surface visible. Eventually it became transparent again. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I created the black hole! Which means, I own the copyright, no one in the universe is allowed to use my black hole ever! It's part of me, it belongs to me. I reserve my right not to issue any licencese to anyone, any country, any worlds and any universes. It's mine and will remain so forever

No copying! Ever!

(C) Sean O'Flaherty