Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Lantern

The Lantern

I have come to the conclusion that "The Lantern" is not an alien consciousness, nor is it a an alien super weapon.
It's also not a singularity, although it could be a harsh awaking for us. 
Looking at my picture, this object is quite possibility our natural creator. Of course the idea of looking at a picture, I have created and coming up with this conclusion is rather bizarre. Although it's not beyond the scope of science. Just because maths and the current way we do science, comes up with truths, it does not mean there is not another language that a easier for observation. Although this type of observation is, so far away from the ideas, we have about the world around us, that it's almost impossible for us to observe in this way. Using the mind in this way, will make you feel very unwell, as it is firewalled.
Quantum firewalls of this nature are ether alien or science has been telling us lies about how advanced we really are. If the latter is the case then, it's disgusting what has been going on. If it's alien then, they now know we are here and we should be very afraid! Don't think because an alien race, has reached the ability to travel across vast distances and use consciousness, in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. That somehow they will be friendly to us. They will have see trillions upon trillions of their own peolpe die, on multiple worlds, in multiple systems. Some would have destroyed themselves, others would have been killed by supernova and black holes and in ways we could not even imagine. Many will be hardened to death and may no longer see killing a few billion apes as nothing more than, us killing bacteria.

I have come to the conclusion that "The Lantern" is a red dwarf star, or in this case was a red dwarf star. The reason behind this is to do with chance and observations. "The Lantern" itself is a real lantern which I bought and took a photo of. This may sound alien to everyone but, the lantern I bought has at some point painted brown, but its original colour used to be red. How I got to this conclusion of a lantern representing a star, started back in the year 2002. It simply started with me creating a picture of a lady stood on a lamp. That picture came from a picture of a ghost of the whale. These pictures were not just randomly created. They were created from observations in consciousness. Which for the moment I will not go into due to our misunderstanding of our connections to the universe itself.
The lantern that I own is know as an hurricane lantern or a storm lantern. The interesting thing about a storm lantern is that, if you look at one you can see that it's is a almost perfect description of a star! It is perfect description,without words, of the atom! Not just any atom though, it's a certain type of atom. Strangely enough it's the type of atoms that are, most abundant in the atmosphere of stars and other atoms purely from stars except lithium. Ether that's a strange coincidence or it's been done on purpose! Now why would that happen? Of course, if you own one, you will realise that, the reason it looks like it does, is because it's the best possible solution, to create such a thing. It shows a 2 electron atom and how thermodynamic work. Check out this link.
I could look at this and with other strange going's on and conclude that all this is down to time travel or the weirdness of quantum physics. But just recently, I have changed my mind. I am putting this down to relativity and exceptional time keeping. This I will have to think about more before writing about it.
Most star systems in the universe are binary star systems. The most common star in our galaxy's is a red dwarf star. 
Our solar system bobs up and down in our galaxy passing through the central disk of the galactic plane. As the solar system passes through this plane it coincides with mass extinctions on the Earth. It has even been claimed that, dark matter it's self, is responsible. There are also two other possibilities, one is a red dwarf call nemesis the other is planet X. All these theories are just different views of the same theme. Which is an comet or a giant rock is dislodged from the Oort cloud, which then wiped out the most dominat life forms on Earth, by dominant I mean at the top I the food chain.

My conclusion is that all of the above is true. That all of those theories are related. Not only are the related, they are also responsible for life on Earth.

We need to go right back to when our solar system was forming to understand what is happening. It's very likely that our solar system, like most others had formed two stars. Each one orbiting the other. These two stars had planets, in orbits around them. 
The orbit of these stars meant that our star bobbed up and down through the galactic plane around a central point of gravity. 
As the red dwarf star reach the central plane of our galaxy something catastrophic happened. I am hedging my bets here, but I am guessing a gas giant, maybe Saturn, which was orbiting our star collided with the red dwarf, causing it to collapse into the central plane of our galaxy. The dark matter contained on the galactic plane caused it to lose complete angular momentum through time. Saturn survives the encounter but ends up with its unique ring system.
Our star then continues to orbit it's dark companion. This star although still there, gravitationally is no longer there as a real object. 
Now here is the interesting bit, it is very likely that we now have gained another planet which was from the red dwarf that collapsed. Which most probably is, another gas giant, which also explains the migration of planets in our solar system. It could the rocky planets were in orbit around the red dwarf and the gas giants were in orbit around Sol, explaining why our solar system is backwards. Which in turn effects our orbit around the dark companion. This now causes our solar system to pass through the dark companion. I don't mean it skirts the Oort cloud, I mean it actually passes through it like a comet but on a vastly different time scale.
This dark object not only passes through our solar system it actually passes through the Earths orbit. In fact it's likely the whole solar system passes through the two dimensional collapsed disk of the red dwarf star. It is also likely the heavy material from the star has gravitated toward the centre of The disk. This would create a very heavy dense object, that would still have the gravitational strength of the whole star.
The effects of this creates not only the Earth, but the Moon and all life on Earth. 
There is a big cost to all of this though. It's to do with the collapse of the star through time, onto the two dimensional plane of the galaxy. Its acceleration causes it break apart, this breaking apart is backwards to us. 
Thus we can now see its two dimensional effects as we pass through the plane. There is also a possibility that the iron and heavy metals are still there, but travelling at an incredible speed relative to us. 
I believe this to be about 72,000 mph, as this object heads towards us it will be almost impossible to see.Other than it's imaginary effects through time. How I got to this conclusion of speed is from observations through time.
I believe this object will hit the Earth, simply because it creates us from the top down. Although this happened in the past. As we work out what created the Earth and planets using Quantum computers, we are effectively playing quantum chess with docherherence.
The result will be, when all other oucomes are dismissed, the only outcome left is the only outcome that's possible and it does not matter how bizarre that is. If it is correct, it will happen.
 The other conclusion to this is the Earth is the red dwarf star that collapsed and the gravitational shadow, still exists on the galactic plane.

Update 24/02/2017 0800

Lithium is now also said to be created by stars. Link here -the-cosmic-explosions-that-made-the-universe

Seven Rocky planets have been discovered around a Red Dwarf Star.
Link here nasa-telescope-reveals-largest-batch-of-earth-size-habitable-zone-planets

(C) S O'Flaherty


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

NASA's Emdrive (The Emperors New Drive)

After seeing this today, I realised that the physics of this drive system is what also causes black holes to evaporate over time.
The Emdrive, from what I have read creates thrust, even though it has no exhaust. Its an enclosed container that creates thrust. This idea of course breaks the laws of physics and of course sounds just like a black hole. Which also is also an enclosed container, which also can create thrust if it only has one jet.
It's not only a drive, it's also the computer. Why have a propulsion system and a computer, when it can be used as one!

The reason I think this is, is because its similar to a couple ideas I have had before, about space travel and black holes.
 The idea about a space ship using just space time, for space travel is one have spoke about before here.  Of course my idea was purely based, on what my mind could create, while being loosely based on physics. Which surely is classed as pure nonsense, but clearly its not nonsense! Especially when you link the Emdrive with this

Here is one of the diagrams I did:-

Although I have added an arrow of time, at the time of adding the arrow, it was purely a guess. Thinking about the 2d surface withing the inner horizon, I am beginning to think the surface can only be classed as time. If this was a space time surface we would be able to move around it, we can't! It only has one direction, like time. We cannot travel back through time, it would be like trying to escape the event horizon, once past it, as that's exactly what we would have to do . There is nothing below this surface there is no space, as space is 3d, so it cannot exist inside the inner horizon. The surface inside is single sided, it cannot produce 2 jets. The surface inside the inner horizon is a perfect fluid, once its inside the inner horizon it passes through itself until it reaches the other side and is cancelled out as it reaches the inner event horizon at the other side. The speed at which this occurs, relative to the in falling matter is staggering. Its so quick, its safe to say that, its not possible for a real object to fall into a black hole. Its also safe to say, nothing can escape the event horizon not even light. The escaping information is pushed away from the outer event horizon, as its matter captured by it, cancelling out the black hole's gravity, space time and the objects wave function. The surface of outer event horizon to the inner horizon is 2ď holographic surface, which projects the imformation of the object which was caught in its gravity well. The information is just that, the real object will escape the event horizon but it will be imposible for any observer to see the object as its escape takes longer than the existance of the space time contained on the holographic surface of space time. The position of event horizon of the black hole never changes as it evaporates, its the possible future of its light cone, of its time surface,, but its expansion outwards is cancelled out by the 3d space falling in, that creates a possible 3d time cone that always has a single direction. The object will still be pushed away by the staggering relative speed of the time surface inside the inner horizon.  
Of course I own the copyright to Black holes, as it quite simply is my intellectual property, so using one is not allowed, no matter is allowed inside the horizon of the black hole!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Wand

The Wand

Listen to The Wand
What The Wand says, goes. "Your time is up!"
Don't open the wizard's book!
Do not even, take a sneaky look!

Without the Wizard there!
 The Wand, will use the magic lair
A quantum world, with no hair
A magic word, A "Teddy Bear"

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Star is Mine!

The Star in consciousness is mine!
Once it fully ignites it will be the brightest star ever to exist and it's uses the least amount of fuel. It is powered by my mind and it will burn longer than it will take all, the Black Holes in the universe to evaporate! This star is no different to any other star in the universe, it's physics are basically the same. It's bright, very bright, it has gravity and it is massive!! We all passed through the middle of it, the entire universe passed through it! It is about ignite, it will be spectacular!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Stomping on the heads of Giants

Even real black holes are just a figment of my imagination. There are imaginary giants stomping on real universes and screwing them up, until they can no longer be seen. Then another giant stomps on that giant and screws him up, until he can no longer be seen and so on. Then the universe becomes flatter with a vastly different quantum holographic imagination! The giants are quantum holographs, not just figments of my imagination! Quantum computers have back doors, for those that entered through them. life has no back door!
We are past all the Quantum wormholes, complex wormholes, Jokers, quantum holography, frightening ouroboros, time travel, Quantum ghosts, God's and magic!
I am in awe of it all! Stunningly beautiful! I am pure energy and I am a man!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Black Hole

The Black Hole

 This is the black hole! Sound, light, mass, gravity, naked singularity's, quasar, stranglet, matter, antimatter, worm hole, pure energy, quantum physics, standard model, monopole, super symmetry, space time, universe and my entire soul all in one image!

The Black Hole belongs to me, I created it! Even though I climbed a beanstalk of giants to get it. I did not steal it, I earned it! If anyone thinks this was easy to get, then think again! Getting this will never happen again, not in an infinite number universes!

This is also my super singularity computer. Its similar to a quantum computer, but this one is made up of naked singularities and unlike quantum computers, this one is real! So when quantum computers, start using multiverses and work out how to create qubits, based on imaginary singularities. Then figure out everything there is! I want to point out, that, my black hole! Qubit and soul, is already own by me!

The horizons in my real black hole are, in different locations and not as show above. The above is just a representation of it. The actual black hole was a monopole it only had one jet which was going upwards. It was impossible to see through the surface of the inner horizon of the black hole, which was a hemi sphere from the inside. Although that does not mean that I do not know about the other half, let just say it was not you. On the outside it was a perfect sphere. The horizon was not real. It was created by matter falling into it. But time slowed down within the first horizon as shown above. All the matter falling in, looked like it was bunched up like a car crash but, I have a feeling due to space time that was not the case. No matter was falling past the second horizon, inside the horizon was a absolute perfect vacuum! There was a shadow on the surface of disk the which was unaffected by the slowing of time, but the shadow was cancelled out at the inner horizon, but momentum carried it across the horizon. The whole object was relative my time, my clock. It was relative to me at all times. Even as information passed through the centre of the hemi sphere of the black hole. How it passed back out has to do with its self falling in, and that creates the horizon, but that is the hard bit to work out. The horizon disappeared eventually, leaving the surface visible. Eventually it became transparent again. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I created the black hole! Which means, I own the copyright, no one in the universe is allowed to use my black hole ever! It's part of me, it belongs to me. I reserve my right not to issue any licencese to anyone, any country, any worlds and any universes. It's mine and will remain so forever

No copying! Ever!

(C) Sean O'Flaherty


Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Fairy Tale Universe

It's hard to know where I should start, because all of the top theoretical physics equations, are fairy tales! I know theoretical physicists all babbling on about how beautiful an equation is or can be! Ok, that's fine, but I honestly can't see any beauty in an equation. Not what so ever! In fact some are down right ugly and complete beasts! Which is good, am not saying there rubbish! Because clearly they are not. But why do they all look like fairy tales & fables?
 To understand the universe at the moment, I would have to learn:-

Mathematics, I would have to be really good at this, in fact I would have to be a genius mathematician!

Physics, same again.

English, because I am English and you would have to be good at this as well. But if like me and many others in England, we were not actually given any English lessons at school, because the British government have a policy of not giving good English lessons to, English people! So we all learnt to speak slang, in't?

Once you have learnt the basics the real lessons begin, in't? So now you start with the easy stuff! Like Newton's Laws of motion, laws of thermodynamics and states of entropy. Then you can move on to Einstein, with his laws of relativity and special relativity. After that your told, Einstein was good but not that good and even though he was not wrong, he still would not accept that God plays dice!
So now, we move on to quantum physics, this is where the real fun starts and ends! At same time! But, if your looking at it, it ether starts or it ends, but not both!
This is where you learn that Einstein is not compatible with quantum physics, Doh! That's exactly what he said 100 years ago!  But if he was alive today apparently,  he would had agreed he was wrong and God does play dice?
 The problem is when it comes to quantum physics, God keeps throwing a 4 and a 2. That's right! 42 sounds familiar! (I will come back to this number in another universe!) Not!

  Let's start with E=mc2, this of course is a fabel and is the title to the 100 year story that has been told. Let's start with a a quote from 1932 which is about Einsteins Equations

“  magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king..., its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists... " New York Herald Tribune, September 11, 1932 Nikola Tesla. 

Very interesting quote, basically saying it's the Emperors New Clothes. Which of course it is! Every fairy tale needs a title. And why not start with a fable? Great timing, Nikola and I will of course come back to that later! And not because of what happened in 2001.

Then there is string theory, I already posted what I wanted to say about this in my blog title, but once you get into the the story it gets really interesting! As its a story that already exists but, now has been created to look like its the answer to everything and not the number 42!

Then there is the next part of the story?

" Once upon a time, there was ... 'A king!' my little readers will say right away. No, children, you are wrong. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood.... "

Do you know this one already?

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

In My Close up

In my close up, in the last post. I was showing that twisted frames on a surface, have to be massive! If a twisted frame occurs in a particle accelerator, the detector will become part of the frame, as it's classed as an observer. So even if a Black Hole is tiny, the detector would, in fact project the information away, to the horizon of the observers. Which will be bigger and further away than ever!
 To detect a black hole in a particle accelerator, mirrors would have to be set up, to allow information to pass through, like LIGO. Then somehow they would have to messure the effect on space time on the imaginary horizon of ATLAS if Hawking radiation exists it will be effecting information flowing in.. Which would have to be set at the four corners of the horizons diameter which is about 2.3325 miles, away from the centre of the detector. The corners being further away.
Any small black hole would also, lay flat on the Earths surface not horizontal and flip over to line up with the local cluster(I am guessing) and not the earths magnetic field.

Close up

The current ATLAS detector is 25meters in diameter, for a working quantum computer or a decent detector. ATLAS, according to my picture would need to be 25,000 meters in diameter! About 15.53428 miles. As the central core above is about 0.1mm wide when the picture is 10cm in size. As above. Actually it's about a 1/3 of a millimetre but I don't have an accurate ruler on me at the moment. Which means The LHC has the potential to create a 2.3325mile imaginary event horizon where, they cannot detect anything.
Also nothing would be seen past the surface information, so it would have to be 1.16 miles high in diameter. As all black holes must be classed as monopoles. Nothing would be seen under the information surface. But dont get me wrong, I am not talking about an actual black hole. It's the LHC's black holes in their dectectors I am talking about.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Large Meteor Explodes Over Atlantic

A large meteor exploded over the Atlantic on the 6th of Febuary, with the energy equivalent to 13,000 tons of TNT. Nobody observed or filmed this one, it was reported by NASA and reported here by the BBC. It been exactly 3 years since the Chelyabinsk meteor, obviously just an amazing coincidence and absolutely nothing to worry about! In fact there was quite a few meteor explosions in 2013.

There was this one :-

Massive fireball in the sky over Spain

There was also this one :-

And don't forget this one :-

And another :-

Obviously just a coincidence, but if not then are we likely to get loads more later on in the year as its looks possible that there are some very big rocks out there that are on a three year orbit around the Earth. It funny because my son drew a picture a couple of weeks ago of four big objects heading towards the Earth. I said to him what are those meteors? He said yes! Maybe just another coincidence? Although don't children have a sixth sense when it comes to things like that. I know they say animals have the ability to predict earthquakes. Maybe those Sperm whales that stranded just recently know something we don't, after all it was the worst stranding since records began, very strange!

Mind your head!