Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Flu like virus causing conjunctivits

A couple of weeks ago my son got  tonsillitis; according to the doctor. Which had caused a rash and one of his eyes to turn red, he was quite ill and was given an antibiotic to clear it up, which worked. Then everyone who had come into contact with my son got one red eye, so whatever this was is contagious. I myself who also has had this, which I assumed to be tonsillitis; I have also been quite ill. Symptoms of  having no energy, one red eye (conjunctivitis), swollen glands and now one hell of a cough which has persisted for more than a week.

I thought I would mention this because it seem like one hell of a coincidence, that the avian flu in China is causing conjunctivitis along with a similar Dutch Avian flu

For a few years now after, having a couple of bouts of flu. I have thought that doctors seem to be playing down and dismissing what is clearly flu as, some other kind of infection. Are doctors in Britain, in flu denial? Is a flu pandemic about to hit us, like it's just appeared out of the blue. But in fact its been evolving in front of our eyes and the medical community has just been ignoring it.