Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Information transfer through space inside & outside my black hole through an event horizon

R1 Horizon Side A
R2 Event Horizon (3 Dimensional Singularity)
R3 Real Event Horizon Side for external observer

Black area on side B does not exist on side B. The middle green area on side A, is not just A but side B as well and both sides exist in a single super fluid state. This area has a hemisphere horizon on side A( and a spherical horizon that exists as a 3d marker ). No matter exists within the hemisphere (the vacuum is in a virgin state).

Matter exists above the red section on side A but not below the membrane on side B, matter above the brane could be said to be holographic, matter that is holographic is heading towards the singularity with no chance of escape. Matter that appears to be escaping from Event Horizon does not become unified until it leaves R1 where then is can be said to be real but only relativistically.

The above object has a external standard space-time event horizon; it has a 3d event horizon, and a internal hemi-sphere event horizon (which has a flat 2d surface that remains even if the event horizon has vanished) which can be observed, which viewed from the inside and outside at the same time is the same object

The above description is part of an observation made by me, of a Black Hole. I must mention that before this and after this observation, I am still the creator of my Black Hole!


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