Sunday, 21 October 2007

The Lost Gardens Of The North


Geoffrey Thomas said...

A fan of the first session TV science fiction series the sliders

I was doing a blog search on my favourite subject finding this interesting site.

I to think time travel is a bit to much of a reach. There is to much compromise on the laws of mathematics and physics as we know to be possible.

I am curious though about what space and time would be like 0 to a 160km in a second. I'm convinced time travel can not be stoped because it's mathematically imposible in order for time travel. Here's what I think

How would Einstein’s theory of reality describe the time dilution properties at take off then to a stop in that distance in one second?

I'd imagine from an observers point of view a terminal velocity is inevitable in an 80km distance in half second. Cumming to a stop would be an equal 80km in another haft second. We are reminded we're well familiar with Einstein's theory clocks slow down the faster we go. Right?

But It’s enviable a different point of view for the traveler. 0 to 160km distance to a stop in a second would be stretcher into years point of view remain at the terminal velocity indefinitely observing clocks slowed down to a constant movement though time and if come to a stop we would inevitable observe time take years to speed up arriving only a second after present time a 160km where we took off. From observers point of view they see it a teleportation.

I have a blog called (http//) time travel and parallel universe theorie ( that goes into detail a lot about the compromises on time, energy and mathematics that would seem time travel could not be possible..

In our normal environment's time we observe the hour and minute had seem frozen in time despite the clocks moving though time. The little skinny second hand counting the seconds circles a complete circle when the minute hand moves only a single second division.

Correspondingly the minute hand does a full circle the hour hand only moves a single second division. Yet we observe the minute hand appeasers frozen in time to us.

It's enviable if we'd switch rolls speeded up in time we'd observe clocks go faster and faster as we slow down from normal time.

Qubit said...

I think time travel can appear to be possible and the universe has to make it look like it is possible, but its really impossible. I think the although light can only travel at a set speed, a trick caused by folded space can make light appear to be twice as fast relative to the universe.