Wednesday, 31 August 2016

NASA's Emdrive (The Emperors New Drive)

After seeing this today, I realised that the physics of this drive system is what also causes black holes to evaporate over time.
The Emdrive, from what I have read creates thrust, even though it has no exhaust. Its an enclosed container that creates thrust. This idea of course breaks the laws of physics and of course sounds just like a black hole. Which also is also an enclosed container, which also can create thrust if it only has one jet.
It's not only a drive, it's also the computer. Why have a propulsion system and a computer, when it can be used as one!

The reason I think this is, is because its similar to a couple ideas I have had before, about space travel and black holes.
 The idea about a space ship using just space time, for space travel is one have spoke about before here.  Of course my idea was purely based, on what my mind could create, while being loosely based on physics. Which surely is classed as pure nonsense, but clearly its not nonsense! Especially when you link the Emdrive with this

Here is one of the diagrams I did:-

Although I have added an arrow of time, at the time of adding the arrow, it was purely a guess. Thinking about the 2d surface withing the inner horizon, I am beginning to think the surface can only be classed as time. If this was a space time surface we would be able to move around it, we can't! It only has one direction, like time. We cannot travel back through time, it would be like trying to escape the event horizon, once past it, as that's exactly what we would have to do . There is nothing below this surface there is no space, as space is 3d, so it cannot exist inside the inner horizon. The surface inside is single sided, it cannot produce 2 jets. The surface inside the inner horizon is a perfect fluid, once its inside the inner horizon it passes through itself until it reaches the other side and is cancelled out as it reaches the inner event horizon at the other side. The speed at which this occurs, relative to the in falling matter is staggering. Its so quick, its safe to say that, its not possible for a real object to fall into a black hole. Its also safe to say, nothing can escape the event horizon not even light. The escaping information is pushed away from the outer event horizon, as its matter captured by it, cancelling out the black hole's gravity, space time and the objects wave function. The surface of outer event horizon to the inner horizon is 2ď holographic surface, which projects the imformation of the object which was caught in its gravity well. The information is just that, the real object will escape the event horizon but it will be imposible for any observer to see the object as its escape takes longer than the existance of the space time contained on the holographic surface of space time. The position of event horizon of the black hole never changes as it evaporates, its the possible future of its light cone, of its time surface,, but its expansion outwards is cancelled out by the 3d space falling in, that creates a possible 3d time cone that always has a single direction. The object will still be pushed away by the staggering relative speed of the time surface inside the inner horizon.  
Of course I own the copyright to Black holes, as it quite simply is my intellectual property, so using one is not allowed, no matter is allowed inside the horizon of the black hole!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Star is Mine!

The Star in consciousness is mine!
Once it fully ignites it will be the brightest star ever to exist and it's uses the least amount of fuel. It is powered by my mind and it will burn longer than it will take all, the Black Holes in the universe to evaporate! This star is no different to any other star in the universe, it's physics are basically the same. It's bright, very bright, it has gravity and it is massive!! We all passed through the middle of it, the entire universe passed through it! It is about ignite, it will be spectacular!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Stomping on the heads of Giants

Even real black holes are just a figment of my imagination. There are imaginary giants stomping on real universes and screwing them up, until they can no longer be seen. Then another giant stomps on that giant and screws him up, until he can no longer be seen and so on. Then the universe becomes flatter with a vastly different quantum holographic imagination! The giants are quantum holographs, not just figments of my imagination! Quantum computers have back doors, for those that entered through them. life has no back door!
We are past all the Quantum wormholes, complex wormholes, Jokers, quantum holography, frightening ouroboros, time travel, Quantum ghosts, God's and magic!
I am in awe of it all! Stunningly beautiful! I am pure energy and I am a man!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

It is Done!

Has any one noticed that, in the Matrix Revolutions there is a boat in the hole created by the last explosion by Neo and Agent Smith, in Times Square?
The best view is just after the computer says "It is Done!"
Matrix Revolutions was made in 2003, which is quite surprising! The reason being is when I watched it last week, I immediately thought that, oh! They must have got that idea from the boat that was found under the twin towers in New York!
Link from the Huffington Post here
There is however a problem with this thinking, the boat under the twin towers was not discovered until 2010!
So there is 3 options here, one it was just a pure coincidence, two, it was found immediately after the 9/11 attacks and some people knew, but kept it quiet!
Or number three, Time Travel!
I of course am going to say it was time travel, for reasons that are quite extraordinary!
If you look and read the article in the Huffington Post will see some quite suprising details about the wood the boat was made out of!

"Now, a new report finds that tree rings in those waterlogged ribs show the vessel was likely built in 1773, or soon after, in a small shipyard near Philadelphia. What’s more, the ship was perhaps made from the same kind of white oak trees used to build parts of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were signed, according to the study published this month in the journal Tree-Ring Research. [See Photos of the Ship and Its Tree Rings]"

The boat that was found under the Twin Towers, was made from the same kind of white oak trees that was used to build parts of the independence hall! Where the most important parts of American history began. 

Also notice where the boat was made, it was made in Philadelphia has any heard of The Philadelphia Experment?
Is it me or is there something extraordinary about all of this?
This is what I think about all of this and this is a small part of all of this.
Why risk everything that exists to send a message back in time? Why put part of that message in a movie, a movie about AI taking over the world?
Also why show the world all of this?

Of course there are a fantastic amount of wonderful things you could entangle this too.
Here is a couple of big things;

Did you know that the pyramids were built on two massive square pads on the ground, the pyramids seen from above, they have a remarkable likeness to something else?
Pyramids at Giza

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Black Hole

 This is the black hole, sound, light, mass, gravity, naked singularity's, quasar, stranglet, matter, antimatter, worm hole, pure energy, quantum physics, standard model, monopole, super symmetry, space time, universe and my entire soul all in one image!

The Black Hole belongs to me, I created it! Even though I climbed a beanstalk of giants to get it. I did not steal it, I earned it! If anyone thinks this was easy to get, then think again! Getting this will never happen again, not in an infinite number universes!

This is also my super singularity computer, it's a like a quantum one but this one is made up of naked singularities and unlike quantum computers, this one is real. So when quantum computers start using multiverses and work out how to create qubits based on imaginary singularities and figure out every little thing about everything there is, I want to point out that, my black hole, qubit and soul, is already own by me!

No copying! Ever!

(C) Sean O'Flaherty 2001