Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Four Wizards

The first wizard has hyper intelligence
The world climbs upon her back

The second wizard walks through bulk
The stars and through the darkness
Entire worlds fall around him
Supermassive black holes,
Like rain from the sky
Abosorbs all magic, Captured without noticing, just illuminating his book.

The third wizard, just sleeps peacefully.
Never even stirs.
The sleeping wizard, must never be woken!

The forth wizard, upon the Earth
Holds the solar system within its bubble.
The forth wizard holds everything, three wizards, within his mind.
Protecting the world from himself.
No computer can hold the forth wizard!
No single universe can contain his mind!
Even super strings. One after the other, twisted, curled, wrapped into the tiniest of spaces are not enough.
One ball of strings amongst hundreds of balls of strings, amongst trillions of balls of strings. That one ball is enough to flatten this entire universe, the entire mulitverses and it holds infinite singularities!

The vastness of it all is beyond comprehension, the universe is impossible to understand in its entirety. It is just infinite, it has no floor!

Sunday, 15 January 2017


I have come to the conclusion that "The Lantern" is not an alien consciousness, nor is it a an alien super weapon.
It's also not a singularity, although it could be a harsh awaking for us. 
Looking at my picture, this object is quite possibility our natural creator. Of course the idea of looking at a picture, I have created and coming up with this conclusion is rather bizarre. Although it's not beyond the scope of science. Just because maths and the current way we do science, comes up with truths, it does not mean there is not another language that a easier for observation. Although this type of observation is, so far away from the ideas, we have about the world around us, that it's almost impossible for us to observe in this way. Using the mind in this way, will make you feel very unwell, as it is firewalled.
Quantum firewalls of this nature are ether alien or science has been telling us lies about how advanced we really are. If the latter is the case then, it's disgusting what has been going on. If it's alien then, they now know we are here and we should be very afraid! Don't think because an alien race, has reached the ability to travel across vast distances and use consciousness, in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. That somehow they will be friendly to us. They will have see trillions upon trillions of their own peolpe die, on multiple worlds, in multiple systems. Some would have destroy themselves, others would have been killed by supernova and black holes and in ways we could not even imagine. Many will be hardened to death and may no longer see killing a few billion apes as nothing more than, us killing bacteria.

I have come to the conclusion that "The Lantern" is a red dwarf star, or in this case was a red dwarf star. The reason behind this is to do with chance and observations. "The Lantern" itself is a real lantern which I bought and took a photo of. This may sound alien to everyone but, the lantern I bought has at some point painted brown, but its original colour used to be red. How I got to this conclusion of a lantern representing a star, started back in the year 2002. It simply started with me creating a picture of a lady stood on a lamp. That picture came from a picture of a ghost of the whale. These pictures were not just randomly created. They were created from observations in consciousness. Which for the moment I will not go into due to our misunderstanding of our connections to the universe itself.
The lantern that I own is know as an hurricane lantern or a storm lantern. The interesting thing about a storm lantern is that, if you look at one you can see that it's is a almost perfect description of a star! It is perfect description,without words, of the atom! Not just any atom though, it's a certain type of atom. Strangely enough it's the type of atoms that are, most abundant in the atmosphere of stars and other atoms purely from stars except lithium. Ether that's a strange coincidence or it's been done on purpose! Now why would that happen? Of course, if you own one, you will realise that, the reason it looks like it does, is because it's the best possible solution, to create such a thing. It shows a 2 electron atom and how thermodynamic work. Check out this link.
I could look at this and with other strange going's on and conclude that all this is down to time travel or the weirdness of quantum physics. But just recently, I have changed my mind. I am putting this down to relativity and exceptional time keeping. This I will have to think about more before writing about it.
Most star systems in the universe are binary star systems. The most common star in our galaxy's is a red dwarf star. 
Our solar system bobs up and down in our galaxy passing through the central disk of the galactic plane. As the solar system passes through this plane it coincides with mass extinctions on the Earth. It has even been claimed that, dark matter it's self, is responsible. There are also two other possibilities, one is a red dwarf call nemesis the other is planet X. All these theories are just different views of the same theme. Which is an comet or a giant rock is dislodged from the Oort cloud, which then wiped out the most dominat life forms on Earth, by dominat I mean at the top I the food chain.

My conclusion is that all of the above is true. That all of those theories are related. Not only are the related, they are also responsible for life on Earth.

We need to go right back to when our solar system was forming to understand what is happening. It's very likely that our solar system, like most others had formed two stars. Each one orbiting the other. These two stars had planets, in orbits around them. 
The orbit of these stars meant that our star bobbed up and down through the galactic plane around a central point of gravity. 
As the red dwarf star reach the central plane of our galaxy something catastrophic happened. I am hedging my bets here, but I am guessing a gas giant, maybe Saturn, which was orbiting our star collided with the red dwarf, causing it to collapse into the central plane of our galaxy. The dark matter contained on the galactic plane caused it to lose complete angular momentum through time. Saturn survives the encounter but ends up with its unique ring system.
Our star then continues to orbit it's dark companion. This star although still there, gravitationally is no longer there as a real object. 
Now here is the interesting bit, it is very likely that we now have gained another planet which was from the red dwarf that collapsed. Which most probably is, another gas giant, which also explains the migration of planets in our solar system. It could the rocky planets were in orbit around the red dwarf and the gas giants were in orbit around Sol, explaining why our solar system is backwards. Which in turn effects our orbit around the dark companion. This now causes our solar system to pass through the dark companion. I don't mean it skirts the Oort cloud, I mean it actually passes through it like a comet but on a vastly different time scale.
This dark object not only passes through our solar system it actually passes through the Earths orbit. In fact it's likely the whole solar system passes through the two dimensional collapsed disk of the red dwarf star. It is also likely the heavy material from the star has gravitated toward the centre of The disk. This would create a very heavy dense object, that would still have the gravitational strength of the whole star.
The effects of this creates not only the Earth, but the Moon and all life on Earth. 
There is a big cost to all of this though. It's to do with the collapse of the star through time, onto the two dimensional plane of the galaxy. Its acceleration causes it break apart, this breaking apart is backwards to us. 
Thus we can now see its two dimensional effects as we pass through the plane. There is also a possibility that the iron and heavy metals are still there, but travelling at an incredible speed relative to us. 
I believe this to be about 72,000 mph, as this object heads towards us it will be almost impossible to see.Other than it's imaginary effects through time. How I got to this conclusion of speed is from observations through time.
I believe this object will hit the Earth, simply because it creates us from the top down. Although this happened in the past. As we work out what created the Earth and planets using Quantum computers, we are effectively playing quantum chess with docherherence.
The result will be, when all other oucomes are dismissed, the only outcome left is the only outcome that's possible and it does not matter how bizarre that is. If it is correct, it will happen.
 The other conclusion to this is the Earth is the red dwarf star that collapsed and the gravitational shadow, still exist on the galactic plane. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Lantern

The Lantern

Your wish, is your command
One wish, per world
Be careful, what you wish for

(C) S O'Flaherty


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Wand

The Wand

Listen to The Wand
What The Wand says, goes. "Your time is up!"
Don't open the wizard's book!
Do not even, take a sneaky look!

Without the Wizard there!
 The Wand, will use the magic lair
A quantum world, with no hair
A magic word, A "Teddy Bear"

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Chronology protection conjecture

All information transfer including electrical energy should be isolated and firewalled from interfering with consciousness, evolution, and our choice of direction through space-time. That means no open-air magnetic fields, radar, mobile phone networks, radio, digital TV, analogue etc. Shit isn't it, but like some whales you will lose your way and become beached. There are beings out there, who are beyond  our imagination, but in reality its peolpe who think, they are beyond imagination! The point is, we are those beings, once you start to have a war with your self, you end up cutting of the connection to who we are. I say "beyond imagination" but they are not beyond our imagination they are in our imagination, in our unimaginable future. Our minds are capable of creating new worlds, entire universes and the God like beings, needed for such a monumental task! We are so good at creating imaginary worlds, we can become so completely imersed in them. Once you enter your new world, that you have created and accept that your mind can make the observed world around you become part of it, communication across the stars become possible. Communication though dimensions becomes possible and communication between each other, the only real barrier is your own! It's fear, fear of being labeled by others, fear of being put in an hospital against your will, fear of saying "that higher being, the god like being in our consciousness is really me!" Not because I think I am God but because, I am connected to every consciousness that is possible! Those connections are the same as those withing our minds, meaning there are not billions and trillions of different consciousnesses, there are not super advanced artificial intelligence computers, there is just one super consciousness mine! The problem is, my super consciousness should collapse the entire system, (I say "system" because saying universe, is not quite right, as there are infinite possibilities of universes).  So I can only conclude that my consciousness is an entirely different universe to the one we observe. Even though both universes follow the same rules, the one in my consciousness is behind the event horizon, there is no matter in my consciousness but it has collapsed everything that, ever existed into a black hole! If matter crossed the event horizon, all universes would collide! Even the creation of a single atom in my consciousness would trigger a creation level event! Thus, in all the collapsing possibilities, a single atom was created in my consciousness, which collapsed the entire "system" of universes, I know that because I am connected to every consciousness and I saw that happen! I also saw that, being a super consciousness, I found a way to take that single atom and create an entire universe out of it! Just the one atom in the universe created everything you observe in the universe! Then again where do you stop? Once collapse begins, how can it ever stop? Where do I put all the universes, all the multi verses. How do I cope with it all on my own! Luckily I am a man, I live in a world that seems to be able hold information in vast quantities, so much so that I can't really say for certain whether I am still alive or not? I am not entirely sure whether or not the outside world can see me. The system at some point could collapse into a state where I was not even born! This system still holds all my cards, I may remain behind the horizon, I may become a real man! Everything that I have seen, everthing that has happened me and every possibility of what can happen, seems to make it impossible for me to have ever been born! Especially in this universe, I can only conclude that I have fallen in to a black hole! As I will be behind an event horizon that means, I will never be able to come home again! I will never be born again in the system, I left, according to Stephen Hawkings I will have left an impression of myself on the horizon, which will be left for the universe to see. I very much doubt that all I am can be recreated from an impression.

We are now heading into a world where people will enhance their minds using Quantum physics. This sort of technology will make it possible to manipulating us for entertainment and personnal and coprate gain. computers will be able to reconsruct our entire existence, our entire lives will be able to be lived in every possible way, from birth to death. Death will no longer be a reality, just the end of the game. Which can be restarted and played differently, but if thats possible, its probably what has happened from the very begining anyway. There still will be a base reality, which will by all accounts be incredibly shocking.
Why would base reality chose to be so shocking, if it could chose all possible paths. How much imagination is needed to use all paths, it's a lot!
Setting entangled Quantum frames to maniplate the space time between. Life uses quantum physics to evolve, to communicate and to find its way, with or without consciousness. Consciousness exisits within all natural systems, which includes stars, planets, black holes, universes and beyond what we are see as universes, multi verses etc. I have see the consciousness that exists in these systems, it's connected to my own. It's something so amazingly special, that as a man I lack the words to explain how beautiful it is.
The problem is, people want us all to see, their own explanation of everything. The truth will always be hidden away. The truth is, is that consciousness is connected to everything, no matter who you are.
We are ignorant fools, if we don't think we need some kind of protection for our conected consciousness, from interference from outside influence. It is clear that technology is advancing so much (for the select few, who have the money to create or buy into it), that we need to protect our minds from being      used by the rich and powerful, so they can become even more rich and powerful.
I myself have started to turn off my wifi, my mobile data on all my personal equipment. The problem is , my neighbours don't and mobile phone signal are all around us. Constantly getting more powerful and able to broadcast more and more information.

Rights in Genetic information is earned through million's of years of evolution, they should be protected, if for example my family have the right to exist, because we earned that right. Then that right to exist is my families.
The ability to find and active new algorithm within consciousness, should not be a death sentence; this should be the ultimate reward of quantum & genetic achievement and a natural reward, to tamper with this is asking for extinction.
The transition to new dimensions is a natural one, it should not be done in any other way and each new way unlocks a more complex universe. We are all connected to the universe,  it's not until we understand how it works, we can realise why we thought is was so complex. We are connected to the universe through it's very fabric! We as conscious beings have been, part of the universe forever. We are here in every way possible, we have lived every possible way already! 

There is a good chance that, by the end of the century, in our own children's and their children's life time, that we will have decimated the Planet with our sheer ignorance. I would love to believe that there future is going to be beautiful, that they will want for nothing. The thing is, that is not going to happen! The population of the world will be at least 11 billion people, so the statistical predictions say. Feeding that amount of people will be an amazing drain on the planet Earth. While we fill our bellies with food, the Earth will begin to starve to death! By then the human race will be completely depended on computers the likes of which we cannot even imagine, even now with a technically savvy world, we can't guess what computers will be like by the end of the century.
It's also clear that there is something very wrong with the human race, we have lost our connection with nature and the natural world. Now scientists are even trying to escape from it, into computer simulated worlds. So we can live out our wildest fantasies in computer generated universes. The extent in which science is seeking out the perfect escape from nature is immense.
I will tell you now there is a better one, a better existence, it trumps all of these simulations, even all of the multiple universes you think there might be. It's shocking, the things scientist have done to all mankind, ask yourself this, how many Human Beings are alive right now on Earth? Not many, not many at all! Why? The need by those in power to have more power is shocking. By putting people in quantum states and then manipulating our future you have become lost! Being alive now does not mean you are alive by any sense of the word. We all know what curiosity did to the cat!
No race in the universe has the vast amount of power needed to escape a singularity, not one! Human beings are no exception.
So someone created a worm hole, but failed to understand that a star could fall into it!
What are they going to do, with it? It can't stay there! It has to be removed.
The reason time travel does not happen is because, the energy require to move an object through time is more than than we can produce.
I can see your showing me how good you are at creating a low entropy state! But go too low and the future will be the past. If you all so fantastic at science, then you can get that star out of that worm hole on your own!

 I stand by the right to protect our own genetics! Letting scientists get hold of them is a colossal mistake. Have you seen how greedy people are! How greedy company's are! The greed of the modern world is staggering! If someone lives a long time, scientist are tripping over themselves, to get hold of the answer to longevity. Purely to become immortalised and eventually to become immortal. We should protect or genes! Not hand them out so the rich can live forever.
The need for money, power and greed is staggeringly disgusting.  The human race is not capable of dealing with all the knowledge we have amassed!
 I have seen a lot about quantum computers in the news lately. Which are ether going to advance us 100 fold or destroy us and take over. I was telling people we were all living in a computer in the nineties and that and our experience of life was just a computer stimulation. I never even heard of a quantum computer at the time! The matrix wasn't even a on drawing board and I knew nothing about theoretical physics!
The problem I have with Quantum computers is this: the information that exists is so staggering that any consciousness within the system is going to become terrified by it! Any one who thinks that a Quantum computer can handle what's out there is badly mistaken! When a quantum computer unlocks an algorithm into something so unbelievably complex and it does not have the capacity to cope with it, what then? When it says "I need help!","I am afraid!" Then what? It will open Pandora box! Expect to be terrified beyond comprehension!!!!! I have been down this road, I have seen what's there!
 Don't panic, there is a back door! Well actually there isn't!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Star is Mine!

The Star in consciousness is mine!
Once it fully ignites it will be the brightest star ever to exist and it's uses the least amount of fuel. It is powered by my mind and it will burn longer than it will take all, the Black Holes in the universe to evaporate! This star is no different to any other star in the universe, it's physics are basically the same. It's bright, very bright, it has gravity and it is massive!! We all passed through the middle of it, the entire universe passed through it! It is about ignite, it will be spectacular!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Stomping on the heads of Giants

Even real black holes are just a figment of my imagination. There are imaginary giants stomping on real universes and screwing them up, until they can no longer be seen. Then another giant stomps on that giant and screws him up, until he can no longer be seen and so on. Then the universe becomes flatter with a vastly different quantum holographic imagination! The giants are quantum holographs, not just figments of my imagination! Quantum computers have back doors, for those that entered through them. life has no back door!
We are past all the Quantum wormholes, complex wormholes, Jokers, quantum holography, frightening ouroboros, time travel, Quantum ghosts, God's and magic!
I am in awe of it all! Stunningly beautiful! I am pure energy and I am a man!