Saturday, 8 October 2016

Walled city on Mars

Apparenty a walled city has been found on Mars, see the article here:
Walled city found on Mars

Taken from this photo, which is quite different to the above and really just shows rocks.

Of course you could say this is just coincidence, but there is something special about this.
If you had been following my blog.

In April this year I set out on a mission to save beagle 2, if any of you remember this was the failed and successful mission to Mars. As I wrote that post I had no idea where I was going with it and all of it is completely made up and completely random.
"Beagle 2 was a British landing spacecraft that formed part of the European Space Agency's 2003 Mars Express mission. The craft lost contact with Earth during its final descent and its fate was unknown for over twelve years. Beagle 2 is named after HMS Beagle, the ship used by Charles Darwin." 
If you anyone noticed, I sent a sandstorm to Mars, to do this I borrowed the LHC. Opening Beagle 2 "The Perfect Storm" then I sent this picture:

Link here
If you take a look at the bottom of the picture it says "Are you ready?"
Are you ready to see what was sent to Mars?
The picture is titled Sandstorm and it is an old oil painting painted by J Enstone. On the back of the painting is the symbol of Virgo, which is the astrological sign for 22nd of August to the 22nd September. Here is the above picture unravelled.

above image from

If you look back through my blog at the opening beagle 2 posts you will see that not only did the mission fail it was a complete success.
As you can see on picture above, it is a picture of a walled city, which I sent to Mars, using nothing more than the power of the mind!

& Are you ready for the storm ?

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

NASA's Emdrive (The Emperors New Drive)

After seeing this today, I realised that the physics of this drive system is what also causes black holes to evaporate over time.
The Emdrive, from what I have read creates thrust, even though it has no exhaust. Its an enclosed container that creates thrust. This idea of course breaks the laws of physics and of course sounds just like a black hole. Which also is also an enclosed container, which also can create thrust if it only has one jet.
It's not only a drive, it's also the computer. Why have a propulsion system and a computer, when it can be used as one!

The reason I think this is, is because its similar to a couple ideas I have had before, about space travel and black holes.
 The idea about a space ship using just space time, for space travel is one have spoke about before here.  Of course my idea was purely based, on what my mind could create, while being loosely based on physics. Which surely is classed as pure nonsense, but clearly its not nonsense! Especially when you link the Emdrive with this

Here is one of the diagrams I did:-

Although I have added an arrow of time, at the time of adding the arrow, it was purely a guess. Thinking about the 2d surface withing the inner horizon, I am beginning to think the surface can only be classed as time. If this was a space time surface we would be able to move around it, we can't! It only has one direction, like time. We cannot travel back through time, it would be like trying to escape the event horizon, once past it, as that's exactly what we would have to do . There is nothing below this surface there is no space, as space is 3d, so it cannot exist inside the inner horizon. The surface inside is single sided, it cannot produce 2 jets. The surface inside the inner horizon is a perfect fluid, once its inside the inner horizon it passes through itself until it reaches the other side and is cancelled out as it reaches the inner event horizon at the other side. The speed at which this occurs, relative to the in falling matter is staggering. Its so quick, its safe to say that, its not possible for a real object to fall into a black hole. Its also safe to say, nothing can escape the event horizon not even light. The escaping information is pushed away from the outer event horizon, as its matter captured by it, cancelling out the black hole's gravity, space time and the objects wave function. The surface of outer event horizon to the inner horizon is 2ď holographic surface, which projects the imformation of the object which was caught in its gravity well. The information is just that, the real object will escape the event horizon but it will be imposible for any observer to see the object as its escape takes longer than the existance of the space time contained on the holographic surface of space time. The position of event horizon of the black hole never changes as it evaporates, its the possible future of its light cone, of its time surface,, but its expansion outwards is cancelled out by the 3d space falling in, that creates a possible 3d time cone that always has a single direction. The object will still be pushed away by the staggering relative speed of the time surface inside the inner horizon.  
Of course I own the copyright to Black holes, as it quite simply is my intellectual property, so using one is not allowed, no matter is allowed inside the horizon of the black hole!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Something about everything

"Consider all this; and then turn to this green, gentle, and most docile earth; consider them both, the sea and the land; and do you not find a strange analogy to something in yourself"

Moby Dick Herman Melville

The Universe

The universe is what appears to be a massive halo, but what we see as the universe is, just a small section of that halo. The visible universe is, just like a transparent bubble in a massive opaque halo.
Imagine this, the entire visible universe is like a whale, swimming in an ocean the size of our biggest star in the universe! Like a whale, our visible universe is alive!  It takes breaths from the void, if you like? From which the halo surrounds. To do that, is very complex and has to be done without looking! There is no matter in the visible universe, it simply is, a living consciousness! Which is connected to other levels of consciousness. All the matter that exists, is in the opaque halo, which is just a soup of particles, it forms no structures at all! There is a naked singularity, this singularity is massive! Its so big that, if all the information it contained was, suddenly just uploaded to your brain, even the entire halo of particles in the universe could not contain it and the universe would just be consumed by it. Where the singularity is, is hard to tell?
The structures in space, around which galaxies form, are also part of a living consciousness. Which is a different consciousness, to the transparent bubble.
The consciousness of the space time structures is immense, it can create stars, create worm holes and galaxies, which appear to be in the universe. These space time objects & structures of which, we can see as real objects in the universe, are real because we, are part of this consciousness. This consciousness can used by races throughout the universe, for communication and for tracing origins of worm hole formation! This communication system is, quantum physics, that is all quantum physics should be used for. That is all quantum physics can be used for, at our relative position, in the universe, without getting lost within the deep ocean of the opaque part of the halo; if you get lost in the bottom of the deepest ocean, how can our higher consciousness take a breath? Around the inner edge of the horizon of the halo, is what looks like a game, this is not a game! This is a protection system, which also has a consciousness. This consciousness is where the most powerful and deepest minds exist. This is layer of  the Wizards consciousness(I say wizards, because I am not sure what other description, you could give to this type of consciousness and wizards are the closest, without having to conjure up another description!). If you met a person in real life living on this inner layer, you would feel the intense gravity of this mind. I have met a couple of people who have reached it temporarily, though mind altering substances. They can be very intense and can breath a million words, from a single breath of air! It takes an incredible mind to stay on this edge without taking mind altering drugs, it is the border of madness! The void beyond is beyond our current imagination and has no consciousness, but your own. Enter into the void without enough imagination and its all over, in ways that are extremely shocking. There is not enough imagination in physics to cross this void. It might look like there is, but trust me, all current theories are very limited in imagination and the very best, of the best, in experimental physics, would not even breach the surface! No matter how much quantum trickery, you think you have at your disposal!
Don't even risk it, we will get there naturally. There are infinite singularity's constantly falling into an infinitesimal, tiny space. They never stop falling, universe after universe, multiverse after multiverse, into a space, unimaginably small! Not just in one way, in every possible way. Then out of all of these collapsing worlds, which are constantly collapsing into this tiny space, is the outcome of my existence, which can't be changed! Out of all these multiverses, which are constantly collapsing into singularity's and then, these singularity's are collapsing into this tiny space, only this outcome of me typing this can exist!
If in our time you viewed this event, even after billions of years, of this collapsing of trillions of singularity's, it would not even have fed the naked singularity, even the slightest of meals! It's size is an indication of something, we are not ready to understand. Not for a very, very long time!

Within the consciousness responsible for stars and galaxies, are tightly wound structures that hold many more galaxies. To us these galaxies will appear further away as we look along its surface and as of yet we cannot not see through, these structures. Once this consciousness has successfully converted all the opaque universe, into a transparent universe. The whole surface is likely to become a real two dimensional string like structure, that is going to take a very long time, from our point of view! If you could leave the outside edge of this halo (this bit being purely a guess at the moment, as I am not entirely convinced by what appears to be there). You would see a string like structure, there are many more of these structures which are all parallel. By parallel I mean that they are not touching, but they are not straight ether. They gently undulate, moving altogether as one.  Moving away further and I mean a lot further, you begin to see something extraordinary! The only conclusion I can come up with, is that this, vast structure of super strings and all the unexplained things, that I am only just seeing, is actually a warp drive, of a space craft! I have to laugh at the irony of this!
How this warp drive works, is quite amazing. To see how it works we now have to go back inside, to where the consciousness of the bubble of our universe, is just about to take a breath.
When the pilot activates the warp drive the whole of the super string like structure, in its core converts into a transparent state, providing a vast amount of energy, which allows the craft to warp through space time. For the pilot that happens almost instantly, for us it will be the entire history of universe, as we see it now and an extraordinary amount of evolution for our universe. From our relative position in it. So for the warp drive to work, our entire universe, has to evolve into the universe, that the pilot of the space craft is in, allowing his wrap drive to transport him anywhere in his universe. Using the entire history of his own self existence, up to that point, to power his warp drive.
We are all connected to the universe. Once you start to try and understand how it works, we lose a very special connection too it. The connection to the universe, is through quantum physics. We do not need to understand it. We are part of it!
I tried to understand everything, but now I realised there is a better way forward.
The universe is so mind boggling that, its better to create your own universe. One that has no limits. I can imagine, whatever I want about my universe. Inside of it I can travel where ever I please. I can see everything and do anything I want too. The best thing about it is, its mine! I don't care if its not real, it my universe! Its created my mind, its my imagination and its my consciousness!